How do I prepare for a DevaCut and how long does it take?

Your stylist will use a dry-cutting technique, so please arrive at the salon with your curls or waves encouraged as if you were going somewhere nice.   No elastics or ponytails. Your hair will be washed after the haircut.

Your haircut appointment can take up to two hours, if your hair has been severely damaged due to any of the following: heat, chemical damage due to being over processed,  use of silicon based products and shampoos with sulfates. If your hair is extra long or extra tangled it can add extra time to your appointment. Please allow the appropriate amount of time for haircut as we do not want it to be cut short.  We highly recommend that you do not make plans too soon after your appointment.

Should I apply products to my hair before the DevaCut?

If you are currently following the naturally curly method, continue with that routine.  If you are unsure about which products you should use, just try to encourage your natural texture as if you are going somewhere nice and want to style it using your wave/curl.  If you are unclear about that please arrive to your appointment at least a half hour earlier so that we may prepare your hair for you.  There will be an additional charge of $25 for us to completely revitalize your hair, which includes wetting or washing it, applying product, then drying it.

What happens if my hair is pulled back in elastic?

Please, be sure your hair is down and in its natural state.  When your hair is pulled back, we have to saturate and dry it to prepare for the haircut and that can take an additional 30 minutes.  There is a $25 charge for the additional time taken.

What if my hair is still wet when I arrive to my appointment?

If your hair is still wet, we will dry you the rest of the way under a hooded dryer or with a diffuser.  Your hair has to be 100% dry in order for the stylist to see the natural texture.  Please arrive with your hair as dry as possible.

Why is the DevaCut more expensive than a regular haircut? Also, why do I have to pay a deposit?

The DevaCut is specialized, dry haircut that is done on textured hair either wave by wave or curl by curl, actually in groupings of three strands.  It takes longer cut hair using this technique, and what our guests love how the hair is shaped in a perfectly blended way.

The DevaCut lasts almost three times as long as a regular wet haircut, (with proper home care), because it holds its shape better and grows out more gracefully. Another reason we use this technique is because   the stylist is able to see the shape and texture pattern better than wet, resulting in a  more predictable and favorable result.  At Curl, we take pride on staying educated and our education is ongoing. We are always staying on top of all the latest techniques, styles and products.

We require a 50% deposit due at the time of booking your appointment because of the amount of time allotted to our guests, especially  the first appointment. The first appointment can take anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the  condition of the hair. The deposit goes toward the total cost of the appointment unless the appointment is cancelled  less than 24 hours in advance. We do make exceptions for emergencies.

Am I still able to blow out my hair straight?

Yes, and it blows out beautifully! The DevaCut is a hair cut that can be done on any texture, not just curly or super curly. While we recommend that you give your hair a rest from the heat and tension for 6 months after your DevaCut, we understand that the commitment to not blowing your hair out straight may be unrealistic. Please note that the DevaCut works better when not flat-ironed but blown out loose and smooth!

Am I a candidate for the DevaCurl haircut? Answer these questions to find out if the DevaCut is right for you:

  1. Does your hair respond to humidity?
  2. Are you tired of your hair being frizzy?
  3. Are you afraid of  someone cutting "layers" into your hair?
  4. Are you afraid of getting haircuts?
  5. Has it been as least 6 months to 1 year since your last haircut?
  6. Does your hair have a triangular shape?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, make an appointment ASAP! We got ya!