Before your next appointment:

You will receive a confirmation email and text reminder about your appointment. We require 48 hours notice for any appointments you are unable to keep. If notification is not provided, we will require you to pay for the missed appointment and a deposit for your future appointment. We work on a schedule that allows for proper cleaning and sanitation between every guest. At times, this may cause us to run behind. Please know that we do our best to stay on schedule and respect your time.

Once you arrive for your appointment:

Wait in your car and please utilize our new curbside check-in from your smart phone. Once you receive confirmation that it is ok to enter the salon, a team member will meet you at the door to let you in. We will then be taking your temperature with a contactless thermometer and asking you a few questions. If you arrive early you must wait in your car until your service provider is ready for you. There will be no waiting area in our salon prior to, or after your appointment.

We can not allow anyone in the salon who is not having a service: no exceptions, including children.  

If you have someone bringing you to your appointment, they will need to wait in their car and be available to pick you up as soon as your appointment is finished. Children 8 and under, receiving a haircut, must be willing to wear a mask and able to be accompanied by one guardian and their stylist. If your child takes off their mask and/or is struggling with sitting in the stylist’s chair, we will have to end the appointment. We will still charge a full haircut price for the appointment.

We will have a mandatory, one time “service kit” for $25, that will be added to all appointments.

It includes a cape and a microfiber towel in a sealed bag. This is to be used on you alone and taken home with you. We ask that you wash the cape and towel at home, place it in the bag to bring it back with you to your future appointments.

IF YOU ARE SICK or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, sore throat, shortness of breath or cough, do not come to the salon.

You will not be charged a deposit for illness. Please stay home and reschedule your appointment when you are well again.

A mask is required for everyone who enters our salon.
We ask that you bring your own mask. You are required to wear the mask and keep it on for the duration of your appointment. (Helpful Hint: the kind that hook behind your ears will work best when having your hair done.) Every Curl team member will also be wearing a mask and possibly a face shield. If you forget a mask or do not have a mask that loops around your ears, we may be able to sell you one depending on stock, otherwise we will have to reschedule your appointment. Be aware that if you are receiving a color service, it is possible that color may get on your mask.

Once inside the salon, your service provider will greet you with a smile (from behind their own mask).

We ask that you sanitize your hands and we will take your temperature.

Our salon will look a little different!

We have removed a lot of furniture in order to "social distance" for space. Additionally we will have dividers between our shampoo sinks. Our hair stylists will be working in shifts and spread out throughout our salon. We may be working in other areas of the salon for your service. You may be asked to process your hair color in other areas of the salon that you may not be accustomed to but will provide ample space for your comfort and safety.

For your safety, we will be taking extra disinfecting precautions between every guest.

Even though we have always had high standards for cleanliness, we will be doing even more to sanitize stations, chairs, shampoo sinks and tools before and after you are in your stylist's chair.

Additional fees for services during this time.
Please note that all services are subject to an additional fee of $25- $75, depending on how much additional color and/ or time is needed for color and cut services. We will need to use more color on those that have been letting their hair color and cut grow out during quarantine. Additionally, some of you may have experimented with boxed color during the quarantine and may require correction. Please inform us ahead of time so we can schedule the appropriate amount of time. If correction is needed and we are not informed prior to the appointment, we  will have to reschedule your appointment and there will be a charge for the original appointment.
Payment accepted during the pandemic:
During this time we are only accepting credit cards for deposits only. All other payments in the salon must be made by check or Venmo. All Venmo payments will be sent to @Curl_Hair_Salon. Cash is also accepted.
Your stylist or a team member will gather the products you would like to purchase from our retail shelves. 
We ask that you do not shop from our shelves yourself. Your stylist or another team member will help you with pre-booking your future appointments, product purchases and checkout.
If you are not comfortable coming in for your color yet, we can sell you a color kit.
This is only for existing clients with color formulas we have in our system and those that get an all over color service, not high-lights.
Retail Purchases
If you need to purchase products from us and do not have an appointment, please call the salon to set up back porch pick up. Also, during this time we can not accept any returns for products purchased.


Curl Hair and Wellness abides by the same standards listed above.  Curl also affirms that they have improved and expanded their sanitation protocols to more thoroughly fight the spread of COVID-19 and other communicable conditions.