We Do More Than Curls, But No One Does Curls Better!!


Teresa Badolato, Owner of Curl Hair and Wellness, realized a few years into her career what made her unique as a hairstylist.  In 2003, the trend was ironed-straight hair and everyone in the beauty industry hopped on it.  Coworkers and peers were flat-ironing their clients or using very harsh relaxers to remove volume, frizz and curl , while Teresa’s clients were bouncing out of the salon with soft, frizz-free curl.  That’s when she realized she had a niche. Shortly after, Teresa went to New York to take her first course in the art of curl, with the curl guru of DevaCurl, Loraine Massey. That changed everything!

Teresa realized there was a major need for this specialty on the Main Line and surrounding area. Since then,  Teresa spent her career educating herself on dry cutting and coloring, using the DevaCurl technique and philosophy. Her goal was to open up a salon of her own, that specializes in textured hair. Embrace your natural curl soon became her mantra, and she was now doing the teaching.

Her passion, knowledge and love of curly hair, and the lack of knowledge out there, was the driving force she needed to open a salon for textured hair.

Her work hasn't gone unnoticed by DevaCurl as well.  In 2017, Curl Hair and Wellness started hosting DevaCurl, Level One Cutting classes to stylists in the surrounding area. Curl hosts workshops for clients as well!  Curl's commitment to education is unparalleled.

Our staff is trained by Teresa and the best texture specialists in New York. We strongly believe in sharing the knowledge with our clients, so that they are equipped to replicate the style at home. We offer lessons, guidance and instruction to our clients, making it a very unique experience!

Come on in and notice the difference yourself!

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