At Curl we get many questions about our DevaCurl products and the styling process. Below are common questions answered.

Why is the texture of No-Poo different than traditional shampoo?

No-Poo is a suds-free conditioning cream cleanser.  That's why it will appear thicker than traditional shampoo.  It cleanses the hair and scalp while providing the moisture curls crave most.

After the first time I used No-Poo my hair was frizzer than usual- why?

Conditioning and styling are just as important as cleansing!  After cleansing with No-Poo, be sure to completely rinse the product out.  Always follow with One Condition and fully saturate your hair to lock in moisture.  The wetter the better when applying stylers!  During application, be sure to be extra gentle with your curls and to not disrupt your curl pattern and cause frizz.  Also, be sure to let your hair completely dry before shaking out your curls.

My scalp feels more oily than usual, what should I do?

With No-Poo, be sure to massage the scalp using friction to cleanse.  Continue to massage while rinsing to ensure all of the product and excess oil is removed.  After about a week, your scalp will feel soft without any oily residue.  You may also benefit from tilting your head forward and letting your curls fall in front of you while massaging the cleanser on and off.

Why does my hair still feel dry?

Revisit your application technique.  Apply conditioner from mid-lengths to ends using your thumbs to press the product into the hair.  Let it sit for a couple of minutes while you complete your shower routine.  Then rinse with cool water.  This helps close your hair's cuticle, which seals in moisture and will make your hair look and feel healthy and hydrated!

How do I sleep with Curls?

At night we recommend using a satin pillowcase to sleep on, as it eliminates friction against the hair cuticle.  Additionally, we recommend clipping the hair up from where it lives, gathering small sections of hair from the ends clipping, it to the root it grows from.  If your hair is too short to clip up we recommend using a satin sleep cap.  If you are using a satin sleep cap you do not need a satin pillow case.

By day 3 or 4 my hair is weighed down- help!

You may be applying your stylers on days that you don't cleanse and condition- is that the case?  If you layer stylers without cleansing the scalp and conditioning the hair, there will be a feeling of "excess" along the hair strand.  For days 3 & 4 use a light refreshing spray such as Mist-er Right, or you can also use No-Comb Detangling Spray as a moisturizing refresher.

Is there anything I can do to get more out of my curls?

Remember it's a curl journey!  Experiment with styling cocktails by checking out our What's Hot page and check with your stylist to see if there's a new technique or product that you'd benefit from.