cancellations and no show policy

Dear Clients,
Because of the extra time allotted to new clients, a deposit of $75 is taken to schedule a first time appointment, for any no shows or cancellations within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment time. This is in an effort to accommodate other clients, who have been waiting for an appointment.  All deposits are refundable with 48 hours notice, less a $2.50 processing fee.
To reschedule an appointment, after an appointment was cancelled less than 48 hours, we require a new deposit which will hold that appointment, in addition to the balance owed for the appointment. The first deposit paid will go toward the first missed appointment, to cover the time lost.
Payment of this fee is necessary before a new appointment will be scheduled.
Additionally, there are additional fees that could incur during the appointment. The stylist will explain the additional services and charges before they are performed. Below is a list of possible service fees.
  1. Extra hair, tangles and product used for hair that is thicker than a typical amount. $25-$50
  2. Silicone build-up aka Bounce Back treatment. Includes a conditioning mask. $25-$35
  3. If hair is pulled back when client arrives to the appointment and needs to be completely wet down and dried. This service could take an additional 30-45 minutes. Stylist reserves the right to refuse service altogether, if there isn’t enough time for this step. If service is refused it is considered a no show and will be handled the same way. If there is enough time, a $25 fee is added on. (We do not charge for a minor retouch to prep hair before the appointment)
  4. If a client is a half hour late or more, it is counted as a no-show unless the stylist has the time and there is communication regarding lateness before the appointment.
  5. Any adjustments to multiple services or a service that would change the timing of the services scheduled, must be done with 48 hours notice, or it is considered a cancellation for the service removed. Example: if color and cut are scheduled and client decides not to do color service and keeps the haircut, less than 48 hours notice, payment for 100% of both services are still required.
  6. All minors must be accompanied by an adult to answer questions the stylist may have or for additional services that would need to be performed. If not we will ask the minor to call a parent to ask permission for additional services. If the minor refuses to call a parent and we can’t get in contact with a parent, we will perform services needed to continue with the appointment. Please note that these services are only suggested out of necessity and not to add on charges for our benefit.
  7. Please bring quarters for parking meter. You may also download the app, Parkmobile, which allows you to pay your meter from your smart phone. We are not responsible for parking tickets and will only feed the meters if a staff member is available to do it.
We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Please sign below that you have read and acknowledge items 1. through 7.  above.