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Menu of Services

Hair Cut- Gender neutral haircuts range depending on length and thickness.

$45- $110

First DevaCut- this price is for all new clients and clients who have not had their haircut in a year or more.


DevaCut- this price is for clients who have been to our salon and keep up with their haircuts every 4-8 months.


Curl By Curl Cut                                                          $175 and up

Kids Cuts (5 under)

$50 - $75

Kids DevaCut (5 under)                                        $75 - $100

DevaCurl Transformation- w/out diffuse             $40 - $75

Single or Multi-Mask Treatment w/out Styling     $30

Single or Multi-Mask Treatment with Styling        $65 - $100

Shower to Shape Curl Session                                   $30 - $65

Bounce Back Treatment w/out Styling                     $25 - $60

Bounce Back Treatment with Styling                       $50 - $80

Blow Dry                                                                         $40 - $75

Blow Dry with Curls                                                     $30 - $75

Diffuse                                                                          $35 - $75

Updo                                                                             $80 & up

Single Process                                                               $65 - $90

Partial Single Process                                                  $35 - $45

Ammonia Free Single Process                                   $70 - $95

Multi-Dimensional Single Process                           $90 - $120

Partial Highlight                                                          $100 - $145

Full Highlight                                                               $130 - $165

Pintura Highlighting                                                  $175 - $250

Ombre/Balayage                                                         $145 - $290

Color Correction                                                          Consult

Toner/Glaze                                                                 $25 & up

Keratin Treatment                                                      $350 & up

Extensions Removal                                                   $100 & up

Extensions Installation                                              $100 & up


Curl menu

Description of Services


This revolutionary cutting technique was designed for curls, waves and all natural textures.  Hair is sculpted curl-by-curl, while dry, in its natural state, then styled according to your lifestyle, personality and preferences.  This service includes a curl coaching session and a personalized DevaCurl product description that makes it easy to maintain your style at home.  With a purchase of one or more products, we send instructions, which include your lesson and professional tips!

Pintura Highlighting

This award-winning technique was designed to add gorgeous, light-reflecting highlights to curls.  Very similar to balayage, in the way the hair is painted, Pintura Highlighting offers the perfect harmony and balance to curls giving brilliance and dimension to perfectly compliment you DevaCut.

DevaCurl Transformation Curl Coaching Session

The beauty of this service is the customized design for every client.  The luxurious process begins with a healthy botanical cleanse followed by a thorough conditioning and detangling treatment.  Next, your stylist will shape your curls to meet your needs, suit your lifestyle and satisfy your personal preference.  This is perfect for those who want to embrace their curls, and learn the fundamentals of daily curl care.

Single or Multi-Mask, Deep Moisture Treatment

Chose one (or two) of DevaCurl's hydrating masks, to bring strength, shine, moisture and softness to your curls.  All of the masks are customized based on what your curls need.  It's the essential therapeutic remedy for dry, color-treated or damaged hair.  Undo the damage, tame the frizz, and discover beautiful, bouncy curls.

Shower to Shape Curl Session

Reveal naturally gorgeous, frizz-free curls in and out of the shower.  This one-hour, one-on-one session will teach you how to embrace and care for your curls at home.  After cleansing, conditioning, and clipping, you'll sit under a hooded dryer, to mimic letting your hair air dry.  You'll also receive numerous styling options and drying tips to fit your lifestyle.

Bounce Back

When your curls need a refresh, we know just the thing!  Whether you've been using silicone based products aka not water-soluble products, or have other chemical like chlorine building-up (or just need a thorough cleanse), this is just what the doctor ordered!  Follow with a deep mask, a cool rinse and a diffuse or take a nap under the hooded dryer.  Reveal your curls potential!